2020 Festival Dates & Locations

Here are some dates and locations for festivals in 2020, in and around California, USA.

Wanderlust (Tahoe)- July 19-21
Hard Summer (Fontana) – Aug 3-4
Splashhouse (Palm Springs)- Aug 9-11
Psycho Las Vegas- Aug 15-18
Kaboo Del Mar- Sept 13-15
Nocturnal Wonderland (San Bern)- Sept 14-15
Life is beautiful (Vegas) – Sept. 20-22
CRSSD (San Diego) – Sept 28-29 & Mid March
Dirty bird Campout (Modesto)- Oct 4-6
Joshua Tree Music Festival- Oct 10-13
Desertdaze (Lake Perris)- Oct 10-13
Youtopia (la Jolla Rez)- Oct 18-21
Escape (San Bern) – Halloween
Dreamstate (San Bern)- Nov 22-23
Snowglobe (Tahoe)- Dec 29 – Jan 1
Beyond Wonderland (San Bern.) March
Viva Las Vegas (rockabilly) April 9-11
Coachella- April 10-12 & 17-19
Lucidity Festival (SB) – Mid April
Stage Coach – April 26-28
Desert Hearts (Warner Springs)- end April
West coast Weekender (SD) – begin May
EMF (Vegas) – May 3-5
EDC Las Vegas- May 15-17
LIB (Bradley, CA) – Mid May
Temecula Balloon & Wine- End of May
Bottle Rocket (Napa) – Memorial Weekend
Exodus- 4 weekends through summer

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