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The RV rental business in California has never been better. Because of the large demand for motor homes we would like to offer you the opportunity to consign your motor home with our company. There are many advantages to Rental other than income. You can write off depreciation on your vehicle as well as any interest or any repair expense (your motor home is now a business investment), you no longer need to use your motor home as a second home deduction.In many instances we can guarantee you a minimum monthly income.

We guarantee the return condition of the motor home to be equal to that when we take possession. All of our motor homes are nonsmoking! RVRent.Net, Inc. has been doing business in the San Diego area since 1992 and have completed over 10,000 rentals. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our consignors and customers (over 40% repeat business). 

If you would like more information regarding motor home consignment please contact us at 1-800-453 9531 or email us at rvrent@yahoo.com. Upon request we will supply you with the consignment contract which details the above.

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